Version 0.7.4 – Independence Day Update

We decided to celebrate Independence Day in the best way possible, by adding more things to Signs of Life that explode in a brilliant and dangerous fashion. For this special holiday update, we added several fireworks and stuffed a Fireworks Party Pack into everyone’s inventory, filled to the brim with instruments of pyromaniacal delight.


    • Roman Candles

      • Red Roman Candles
      • Blue Roman Candles
      • Green Roman Candles
      • Yellow Roman Candles
      • Multicolored Roman Candles
    • Bangsnaps
    • Bottle Rocket Kit and Bottle Rockets
    • Sparklers
    • M80s
    • String of 20 Firecrackers
    • String of 100 Firecrackers
    • String of 1000 Firecrackers (Best Value!)

  • Fireworks Party Pack (Right click in your inventory to open)


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