Update 0.46

Update time, yay! Got some fun new toys and features for you folks, let us know if you run into any issues. We changed the way the static lighting works a bit (with torches, etc) so let us know if you notice any reduction in performance. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts, so don’t be shy and let us know what you think in the comments =)

New Content

  • Added the teleporter project! Build two, set them to the same symbol and instantly transport yourself (and anything inside the teleporter) across the world.
  • Added a deployable turret! It loads 9mm ammo and must be retracted to pick it up. Prevents mob spawning nearby.
  • Added flare arrows (Flarrow!)
  • Added Bone Arrows

New Recipes

  • Steel turret – 1x Microchip, 1x Steel Machine Parts, 1x Steel Gun Parts, 1x Large Battery, 1x D6 Polymer (Requires Material Printer)
  • Flare arrows – 1x Aluminum Ingot, 1x Bauxite Ore, 1x Iron Ore (Makes 3)
  • Bone arrows – 1x Bone, 5x Sticks, 5x Feathers (Makes 5)
  • Power Core – 3x Large Battery, 3x Steel Ingots, 3x Plastic, 1x Refined Rose Quartz (Requires Material Printer)

UI Changes

  • Added cursor icons when hovering over things. Let us know if you notice things that we missed that you think should have cursors.
  • Fixed some issues with the medium and large fonts.

Gameplay Changes

  • Added reload animation to grenade launchers.
  • Reduced regeneration salve effect by half, it was pretty overpowered considering you could use 2 and combine it with the health regen from being well fed.
  • Doubled energy regen per step of kinetic inductor

Bug Fixes

  • Changed saving method for player inventory, should be backwards compatible but let us know if you notice any missing items or anything like that.
  • Disabled connection to local server by default, may cause issues so let us know if you have problems dropping items, things not working as expected, etc. This should fix the issue for people who were having problems dropping items.
  • Changing font with a dialogue box open will now properly resize the dialogue box.
  • Changed static lighting system (torches, etc) to hopefully be a bit more optimized. Should result in fewer hitches with lots of static lights, let us know if you see a reduction in performance.
  • Kinetic inductors now properly stop working when unequipped

5 thoughts on “Update 0.46

  1. csalmeida

    Hey guys,

    Just to let you know I bought the game have been playing it and it’s completely awesome. I really like the way you can control the character and at the same time do what ever you want in a simple but challenging way.

    I can see with the updates you keep the game very fresh which is a really good feature in my opinion, the music fit’s the game, the price is perfect and seems to keep getting better and better.

    Anyway, let me drop you my suggestion, I really would like some events that engage the player in a challenging but mysterious and different way? Maybe a character that if it kills you it can abduct you and you have to find your way out can try to come back home.

    Could be rubbish but it comes from a fan!

    Best wishes!

  2. Zackeriah

    Awesome new content, always fun to have a few extra gadgets to play with!

    One thing I’ve thought about while playing is it would be nice to see more diversity in the randomly generated world. Specifically perhaps some different biome types like a: lake, frozen area, irradiated/foggy area, desert, maybe some kind of really high up orbital base?, or the ruins a some how destroyed human base, possibly some unique caverns with a unique monster… (cave of the something or another).. just to name off a few ideas. Variety is the spice of life.

    Keep up the awesome work! Love the game.

    1. Alex Post author

      Yeah, I agree. We have some plans for things along the lines of what you describe but I’m not sure how long it’ll take us to get in the game. We’re working on an intro/tutorial right now that will take place partially on a colony ship in space, so that should be cool =)

      1. MrTroll

        Will you be on the ship like a few mins or a few in-game days?It would be kinda cool if you can make like mission/quests or something like that so the player had enough time to explore the ship.
        P.S: Epic game!

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