Update 0.44

We’ve got a brand spankin’ new patch ready for you folks, featuring mostly quality of life improvements that we’ve been working on the last several weeks. Most of this update came directly from feedback we’ve received on the forums and elsewhere, so I just want to say thanks to everyone who is playing Signs of Life and giving us suggestions and feedback. As always, we more than welcome your comments and concerns with the update, so don’t be shy and let us know your thoughts =)

New Content

  • Added a popout map when you right click the GPS device
  • Rubies now increase the number of blocks you can dig simultaneously with the wrist laser, max of 6.
  • Added Grenade Launcher
  • Added jeweler and munition pouch that collect gems and ammo respectively

New Recipes

  • Grenade Launcher (3x Steel Ingots, 1x Rubber, 1x Launcher Parts)
  • Launcher Grenades (1x Steel Ingot, 1x Propellant, 1x Black Powder)
  • Jeweler Pouch (5x Hide)
  • Munition Pouch (5x Hide)

UI Changes

  • Added buff tooltip labels and duration display
  • Added search box to crafting menu
  • Added expand/collapse all buttons to the crafting menu
  • Item quantities now display on top of all items in a container
  • Darkened the background of the minimap to make it more visible
  • Brightend the minimap lines
  • Added a whole bunch of tooltips

Misc Gameplay Changes

  • Increased damage of the ant queen scythe to 10
  • Destroyed projects now drop all the items they cost to craft
  • Added a GPS device to the starting escape pod on new characters

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug related to middle clicking power cores while they are in power sockets
  • Fixed some spots where animations could get stuck, let us know if you experience any more
  • Fixed a crash related to having apostrophes in your save path
  • Fixed a physics bug related to the jump jet

5 thoughts on “Update 0.44

  1. Alissah

    So I opened this game today by accident, after not having played it for… A REALLY long time.

    When did you add female characters :O? Why did I not know this, I’ve been literally waiting for that since I first played, and only having males really turned me off from the game xD.

    Mining multiple things sounds fun too, I always felt like mining was too slow in this game, and theres so many things you need from underground :P.

  2. m@xwell

    Please, move all those big items into “projects” category already…
    When “MEG-Tool’s pouch” is too small to hold a campfire
    but big enough to contain an entire smelter – it doesn’t feel right :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    1. Alex Post author

      Hmm yeah, there is some inconsistency there but we wanted to let you position the refiners wherever you want instead of locking it to a grid like the other projects. I’ll give it some thought.

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