Update 0.9

New Content

This update is intended to add some flavor to the world and make it feel a bit more lively. We’ve added several new creatures to the upper parts of the world, particularly on the surface of the far side of the planet as well as relatively shallow underground. We’ve also added some new areas to explore (and a new boss) that are related to the new creatures. You will need to generate a new world from the sandbox menu or create a new character to see much of the new content.

Here are a couple of the new creatures:

Story Content

In addition to the new creatures and related content, we added a bit of story content and changed some of the existing progression a bit. We added a new button on the Pioneer Station comm device (the device that requires the battery on the top floor) and there is a new satellite dish on top of the Pioneer station, but it seems to be missing a component…

We also changed the method of obtaining the Level 2 keycard upgrade – The upgrade device is now found in [spoiler]the captain’s room in the Pioneer Station barracks.[/spoiler] This update is fairly light on the direct story content, but the next update should expand on the story and the mysteries of the planet quite a bit.

Food/Cooking Changes

We re-worked the cooking/food system quite a bit. Prior to this update only a handful of food items had buffs associated with them, but in this update we’ve added buff effects to most of the foods. All fruits, mushrooms and meats now have buffs that you can get by eating them. In previous versions, you’ve been able to cook food by using the crafting menu, but now cooking is done similar to how ore is processed. We’ve added pop-up menu when you right click the campfire, and you can both cook food and process ores in the same devices.

The campfire has just one slot for ingredients, but the brick oven and advanced smelter both have 2 slots, which allows you to combine some food items to create new recipes. For example, a Juicy Fruit will give you a heal over time and a sporepod mushroom will temporarily increase your max health. Both items will fill 1/4th of your stomach, but if you cook them together you can make a food item that will give you both buffs and still just fill 1/4th of your stomach. You can also cook a fruit with a plant fiber to make Fruit Chews, which give you longer lasting buffs that fill less of your stomach.

Other Content

Some of the new creatures can inflict a bleed status effect on you, so we added Primitive Bandages (can be made with plant fiber) and Cloth Bandages that can stop the bleeding status. In addition, you can add some medicinal herbs to the cloth bandage in order to make a Poultice Bandage that heals you.

New Cooking Recipes:

  • Glazed Mushrooms – Any mushroom + any fruit
  • Glazed Meat – Any Meat + any fruit
  • Meat with Mushrooms – Any Meat + any mushroom
  • Fruit Chews – Cook any fruit + plant fiber
  • Gleaming Syrup – Ant Bulb/Ant Ichor/Ant Chitin + Sap
  • Bitter Jelly – Jiggly Fruit + Lovely Herb
  • Strange Compote – Strange Egg + Blue Fruit
  • Pulsing Paste – Strange Egg + Jiggly Fruit
  • Cooked Steal – Raw Choice Meat
  • Zesty Mash – Bana Fruit + Grey Mushroom

New Crafting Recipes:

  • Primitive Bandage – 4x Plant Fibers
  • Cloth Bandage – 1x Cotton Bolt/Wool Bolt/Linen Bolt/Scrap of Cloth (requires scissors)
  • Poultice Bandage – 1x Cloth Bandage + 1x Lovely Herb
  • Makeshift Shiv – 1x Makeshift Scrap + 1x Stick + 1x Plant Fiber
  • Makeshift Spear – 1x Makeshift Shiv + 1x Makeshift Scrap + 3x Stick + 1x Plant Fiber
  • Makeshift Blow Pipe – 3x Makeshift Scrap + 1x Wood Dowel + 2x Plant Fiber
  • Blow Dart (x6) – 1x Makeshift Scrap + 2x Bone
  • Tortoise Shell Brace – 6x Carapace + 1x Iron Ingot + 4x Wool Padding/Cotton Padding
  • Tortoise Hammer – 1x Mature Tortoise Gland + 4x Carapace + 2x Iron Ingots + 2x Logs
  • Makeshift Tribal Shield – 4x Makeshift Scrap + 3x Wool Padding/Cotton Padding + 2x
  • Leather Strap/Plated Hide Strap/Xenohide Strap
  • Iron Caltrops (x3) – 1x Iron Ingot
  • Fruit Seeds (x2) – 1x Any Fruit
  • Pumpkin Seeds (x2-x8) – 1x Pumpkin
  • Snare – 4x Makeshift Scrap
  • Sticks (x3) – 1x Log (requires saw)
  • Pumpkin Rind (x2-x6) – 1x Pumpkin

New Projects

All of these recipes are obtained by destroying matching projects that are in the world with your wrist laser.

  • Spike Trap – 6x Makeshift Scrap, 3x Logs, 3x Bones
  • Poison Trap – 6x Makeshift Scrap, 3x Logs, 8x Bones
  • Snare Trap – 6x Makeshift Scrap, 3x Logs, 3x Bones

Recipe Changes

  • All gem upgrade recipes require 2 instead of 3 gems. We will probably eventually change this back once we have more sources for gems in the world.

New Status Effects

Most of these new status effects are currently attached to various food items.

  • Increased Jump Height
  • Light Aura – Generates light around the player
  • Increased Max Energy
  • Increased Max Health
  • Increased Melee Damage
  • Protection – Reduces damage from all sources
  • Resist bleed – reduces duration and severity of bleeding
  • Increased Strange Tablet Damage – Increases the damage of all abilities used through the Strange Tablet device
  • Reduced Strange Energy Requirement – Reduces required strange energy for Strange Tablet abilities
  • Improved Dodge – Dodge roll or backjump further than normal
  • Bleeding – Slow damage over time, which can be cured by using a bandage. Inflicted by blow darts.
  • Spore Poison & Vulnerability – Increases damage from all sources

Misc Fixes

  • Fixed some issues where certain sounds would play at full volume regardless of distance. Let us know if you notice any other sound fx that seem too loud.
  • Changed the projectile attack of the golems. Instead of throwing rocks, they now use some kind of sufficiently advanced technology to levitate materials out of the ground and fling them at players
  • Fixed some issues that would cause certain tooltips to not appear when they should.

Known Issues:

  • The world generator may get stuck while generating worlds. We think we’ve fixed all the cases where this can happen, but we can’t be completely sure that there are no more lingering issues. If you run into this issue, definitely let us know.

This update adds quite a bit of new bits of content and changes, so let us know if you run into any issues and we’ll fix them ASAP. As always, we encourage any feedback you folks have about the new content (or any old content). We love hearing from you, so don’t be shy =)

Update 0.7.6

Happy Halloween! Some kind of spooky comet has been seen in the sky, and it seems to have resulted in some kind of Halloween related weirdness! You should find a stack of seeds for the new pumpkin bush and a random mask in your inventory, and we’ve heard sightings of weird ghost-like energy beings that can be found on the surface of the planet.

We’re still hard at work on the next larger content update, but we decided to do a small Halloween update in the interim because Halloween is probably the best holiday. As usual, let us know if you run into any problems or if you have any suggestions.

New Content

  • Ghost creature
  • Ghost Hide armor set
    • Ghost Hide Helmet
    • Ghost Hide Torso
    • Ghost Hide Leggings
    • Ghost Hide Gloves
    • Ghost Hide Boots
    • Ghost Hide Arms
  • Ghost Blade
  • Soul Vessel
  • Another creature
  • Pumpkin Bushes and Pumpkins
    • Pumpkin Berry
    • Small Pumpkin
    • Medium Pumpkins
    • Large Pumpkin
    • Very Large Pumpkin
    • Pumpkin Seeds for growing Pumpkin Bushes
    • Edible Pumpkin Rind
  • Various Halloweeny masks
    • Pumpkin Mask
    • Jack O’ Lantern Mask
    • Halloween Hood
    • Hockey Mask
  • Plastic Pumpkin Bucket
  • New crafting materials
    • Ghost Hide
    • Ghost Claw

Item Changes

  • We changed the Flying Javelin to a Flying Harpoon, which fires darts with the alternate fire. This is unrelated to Halloween.

New Recipes

  • Ghost Hide Armor
    • Ghost Hide Helmet – 2x Ghost Hide, 1x Leather Strap
    • Ghost Hide Torso – 5x Ghost Hide, 3x Leather Straps, 2x Ghost Claws
    • Ghost Hide Arms – 3x Ghost Hide, 2x Leather Straps, 1x Ghost Claw
    • Ghost Hide Gloves – 2x Ghost Hide, 2x Leather Straps
    • Ghost Hide Leggings – 4x Ghost Hide, 4x Leather Straps, 1x Ghost Claw
    • Ghost Hide Boots – 2x Ghost Hide, 2x Leather Straps
  • Ghost Blade – 2x Ghost Claw, 4x Iron Ingots, 1x Ghost Hide
  • Halloween Masks
    • Pumpkin Mask – 1x Medium Pumpkin
    • Jack O’ Lantern Mask – 1x Medium Pumpkin and Something Sharp
    • Halloween Hood – 2x Ghost Hide and Scissors
    • Hockey Mask – 3x Plastic, 2x Leather Straps
  • Flying Dart (5) – 5x Laminous Wings, 5x Sticks, 1x Bone

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some crashes related to being too high up in the map
  • Fixed some issues with breaking deposits
  • Misc other things

Update 0.7.5 – Balance Changes

Update 0.7.5

The primary goal with this update was to change the combat balance and armor/weapon progression to be more satisfying across the length of the game. This update is light on the new content because we’re still working on the next major content update, but we figured we should go ahead and put out the balance changes in the meantime.

Previously, armor provided percentage damage reduction, which meant early armor sets protected very little, the high level armor sets ended up providing far too much protection, and going from one tier to the next didn’t feel very satisfying because gaining a few percentage points of defense at a time is really boring. The new system uses flat damage reduction, so if you pick up a helmet that has a defense of 3 it will just prevent 3 damage, which might not seem like a big change but it allows us to make the progression much more satisfying and each new tier of armor or weapons should feel like more of an upgrade. There is a cap on the defense though, and you will always take at least 25% of the damage that is dealt to you. These changes required tweaking the balance of pretty much everything in the game. Most creatures have more health, most weapons do more damage, and we’ve changed the way armor piercing works so that individual weapons can have specific armor piercing values.

We’ve done a significant amount of testing, but with all the combinations of creatures and weapons we have I’m sure there will still be some balance issues, so let us know what you think. We’re definitely not done tweaking the combat balance, but we decided now was a good time to start making some big steps towards a better system.

Balance Changes

  • Changed armor calculations to use flat damage reduction instead of percent damage reduction
  • Shields no longer add to encumbrance
  • Encumbrance values tweaked across the board
  • Encumbrance can now slow your melee attack speed if it is high enough
  • Projectiles now have individual armor piercing values
  • The weird pink eyeball creatures can now only spawn spikes on appropriate block types. Also reduced their initial spawn rate.
  • Sulfur gas now does its own damage type, we’ll probably make a gas mask or something soon
  • Tesla gun does more damage but uses more energy
  • Base energy regen rate has been doubled
  • Reduced energy regen rate bonus on the Jewel sets
  • Increased damage of most projectiles
  • Increased health of most creatures
  • Increased armor on many creatures
  • Fists now do more damage with better gloves
  • Kicking now does more damage with better boots
  • Increased rocket/grenade explosion range
  • Reduced the spawn rate of creatures
  • Spears no longer prevent you from moving while attacking
  • Increased the amount of sand that generates on the surface of planets

Gameplay Changes

  • Changed quick slots to use Z/X instead of Q/E by default, and changed the default dodge behavior so that Q/E make you dodge left/right.
  • Reduced knockdown received from creature
  • Spiked wall creature updated, it is now much easier to damage in the soft spot and much harder to hurt it from the back
  • Fruits can no longer spawn quite as close together
  • During world generation, the area between the mining base and Pioneer Station have been cleaned up a bit. This means fewer spikes, etc.
  • Deposits should now only generate on flat ground
  • Added some grass golems to the far side of the planet during world generation
  • Toilets can now be opened
  • Tweaked some bits of the Pioneer Station and Mining Base. Nothing major, but we’re working on fleshing them out a little bit at a time.
  • Renamed Rifle Ammo to 5.56 Ammo
  • You can now click quick slots in order to select them while the inventory menu is closed.
  • Sheared sheep now drop 1 piece of wool when sheared post-mortem instead of 0.
  • Slightly reduced the drop rates of sticks/logs when breaking trees

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some cases where certain energy bonuses wouldn’t stack. Let us know if you see more.
  • Fixed some graphical issue with the spike blocks
  • Fixed a crash related to fireballs
  • Fixed a bug with fall damage calculation related to using multiple fall damage reduction items
  • Movement buttons no longer get stuck on if you were holding them while clicking in the search box of the crafting window
  • AGIS message received when you equip the entire prototype mining suit now only appears once

Version 0.7.4 – Independence Day Update

We decided to celebrate Independence Day in the best way possible, by adding more things to Signs of Life that explode in a brilliant and dangerous fashion. For this special holiday update, we added several fireworks and stuffed a Fireworks Party Pack into everyone’s inventory, filled to the brim with instruments of pyromaniacal delight.


    • Roman Candles

      • Red Roman Candles
      • Blue Roman Candles
      • Green Roman Candles
      • Yellow Roman Candles
      • Multicolored Roman Candles
    • Bangsnaps
    • Bottle Rocket Kit and Bottle Rockets
    • Sparklers
    • M80s
    • String of 20 Firecrackers
    • String of 100 Firecrackers
    • String of 1000 Firecrackers (Best Value!)

  • Fireworks Party Pack (Right click in your inventory to open)


Version 0.7

New Content (Some parts redacted to avoid spoilers =D)

  • Added a gross eyeball creature to the areas near the spiky bosses.
  • Added a craftable spike dart launcher
  • Added a Python revolver that has an alternate fire that allows you to fan the hammer and quickly unload all the remaining bullets in the cylinder.
  • Added a paper bag container :I
  • Added this weird creature
  • Added [REDACTED] that allows you to [REDACTED] Tablets
    • Ice [REDACTED] – [REDACTED] for a few moments and [REDACTED]
    • [REDACTED] – Explodes, [REDACTED]
    • Calm [REDACTED] – [REDACTED]
    • [REDACTED] Bolts – [REDACTED] hard to control explosive [REDACTED]
    • [REDACTED] – Send the [REDACTED]
    • Energy [REDACTED] – [REDACTED] damages a target
    • [REDACTED] – Lights up [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] Tablet – Used with the Strange Artifact, and can be bound with [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] – [REDACTED] used in various [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] is now added to the world generator
  • Added [REDACTED] – Converts [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] Device – [REDACTED] mark a location and then [REDACTED] a portal that [REDACTED].
  • Added [REDACTED] for [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] Altar for acquiring [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] to the HUD under the enery bar – Does not charge over time and must be replenished by [REDACTED]. Enabled once you find [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] – A pedestal that is activated by [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] your [REDACTED] when right clicked once activated. [REDACTED] when you die.
  • Added [REDACTED] Expansion – When broken, [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] creature
  • Added [REDACTED] deposits
  • Added many different [REDACTED] statues and decorations
  • Added several [REDACTED] containers

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with particle effects that was causing them to look more muted than intended. The majority of particle effects should now look better.
  • Fixed many cases where items would get desynchronized between clients and servers (should result in less items that can’t be picked up when on a multiplayer game)
  • Fixed some issues that could have caused graphical corruption on a narrow range of computers
  • Prevented the player from deleting key items
  • Fixed rendering issue on the text input popups on larger font sizes
  • Scrolling in the crafting menu no longer causes the scroll slots to scroll as well
  • Many other small issues

General Gameplay Improvements

  • Improved medium and large fonts
  • Re-worked the Crafting menu significantly
    • Added larger buttons for categories
    • Reduced max crafting items to 4 (Some recipes that required 5 items have been changed slightly)
    • Combined with functions of the Projects menu
    • Increased the overall size to make the menu less cramped
    • Added ability to change materials in crafting, for example you can now choose between using a normal or rubber stick in many recipes. Some recipes also let you change the primary (first) material, which can change the crafted result, for example now there is just a “torch” recipe, and you can change the result from a normal sap torch to a biofuel torch by changing the primary material from sap to biofuel. We only adjusted a few recipes, so let us know if you have more ideas for places we could use this feature.
  • Removed Projects menu since its functionality was included in the Crafting menu
  • Added mineable Biofuel to world generator
  • Added optional settings for the Dodge mechanic as well as a bindable dodge action – Can be found in the settings menu
    • Double Tap – How it worked previously, double tap forward to dodge roll forward, double tap back to backjump.
    • Shift + Double Tap – Double tap only works when holding shift
    • Binds Only – Only activates when you press the key bound to dodge, dodge rolls forward if you’re moving forward, backjump if you’re moving backwards or standing still. Bound to Z by default… but honestly that is a terrible bind and we’re trying to find a better one, but its tricky to find something that we’re not already using that can be easily pressed while doing other actions. Still working on this.
  • Increased friction on the player when stopping to be less slippy

Balance Changes

  • Tweaked combat balance a bit – We only made some small changes for now, but we’re planning on doing a bit of an overhaul soon
    • Melee weapons do a bit more damage, and have a wider spread between tiers
    • Enemies have a bit more health
  • Added additional health set bonuses to Bronze and Tin armor sets


  • Added ability to tweak various balance settings for creatures and melee weapons through a text file located in your game install directory (The directory should be something like Steam/SteamApps/Common/Signs Of Life/Content/CSV) Note: I don’t think the projectiles file works yet, so don’t be surprised if tweaking that doesn’t do anything.