Version 0.7.4 – Independence Day Update

We decided to celebrate Independence Day in the best way possible, by adding more things to Signs of Life that explode in a brilliant and dangerous fashion. For this special holiday update, we added several fireworks and stuffed a Fireworks Party Pack into everyone’s inventory, filled to the brim with instruments of pyromaniacal delight.


    • Roman Candles

      • Red Roman Candles
      • Blue Roman Candles
      • Green Roman Candles
      • Yellow Roman Candles
      • Multicolored Roman Candles
    • Bangsnaps
    • Bottle Rocket Kit and Bottle Rockets
    • Sparklers
    • M80s
    • String of 20 Firecrackers
    • String of 100 Firecrackers
    • String of 1000 Firecrackers (Best Value!)

  • Fireworks Party Pack (Right click in your inventory to open)


Version 0.7

New Content (Some parts redacted to avoid spoilers =D)

  • Added a gross eyeball creature to the areas near the spiky bosses.
  • Added a craftable spike dart launcher
  • Added a Python revolver that has an alternate fire that allows you to fan the hammer and quickly unload all the remaining bullets in the cylinder.
  • Added a paper bag container :I
  • Added this weird creature
  • Added [REDACTED] that allows you to [REDACTED] Tablets
    • Ice [REDACTED] – [REDACTED] for a few moments and [REDACTED]
    • [REDACTED] – Explodes, [REDACTED]
    • Calm [REDACTED] – [REDACTED]
    • [REDACTED] Bolts – [REDACTED] hard to control explosive [REDACTED]
    • [REDACTED] – Send the [REDACTED]
    • Energy [REDACTED] – [REDACTED] damages a target
    • [REDACTED] – Lights up [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] Tablet – Used with the Strange Artifact, and can be bound with [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] – [REDACTED] used in various [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] is now added to the world generator
  • Added [REDACTED] – Converts [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] Device – [REDACTED] mark a location and then [REDACTED] a portal that [REDACTED].
  • Added [REDACTED] for [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] Altar for acquiring [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] to the HUD under the enery bar – Does not charge over time and must be replenished by [REDACTED]. Enabled once you find [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] – A pedestal that is activated by [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] your [REDACTED] when right clicked once activated. [REDACTED] when you die.
  • Added [REDACTED] Expansion – When broken, [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] creature
  • Added [REDACTED] deposits
  • Added many different [REDACTED] statues and decorations
  • Added several [REDACTED] containers

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with particle effects that was causing them to look more muted than intended. The majority of particle effects should now look better.
  • Fixed many cases where items would get desynchronized between clients and servers (should result in less items that can’t be picked up when on a multiplayer game)
  • Fixed some issues that could have caused graphical corruption on a narrow range of computers
  • Prevented the player from deleting key items
  • Fixed rendering issue on the text input popups on larger font sizes
  • Scrolling in the crafting menu no longer causes the scroll slots to scroll as well
  • Many other small issues

General Gameplay Improvements

  • Improved medium and large fonts
  • Re-worked the Crafting menu significantly
    • Added larger buttons for categories
    • Reduced max crafting items to 4 (Some recipes that required 5 items have been changed slightly)
    • Combined with functions of the Projects menu
    • Increased the overall size to make the menu less cramped
    • Added ability to change materials in crafting, for example you can now choose between using a normal or rubber stick in many recipes. Some recipes also let you change the primary (first) material, which can change the crafted result, for example now there is just a “torch” recipe, and you can change the result from a normal sap torch to a biofuel torch by changing the primary material from sap to biofuel. We only adjusted a few recipes, so let us know if you have more ideas for places we could use this feature.
  • Removed Projects menu since its functionality was included in the Crafting menu
  • Added mineable Biofuel to world generator
  • Added optional settings for the Dodge mechanic as well as a bindable dodge action – Can be found in the settings menu
    • Double Tap – How it worked previously, double tap forward to dodge roll forward, double tap back to backjump.
    • Shift + Double Tap – Double tap only works when holding shift
    • Binds Only – Only activates when you press the key bound to dodge, dodge rolls forward if you’re moving forward, backjump if you’re moving backwards or standing still. Bound to Z by default… but honestly that is a terrible bind and we’re trying to find a better one, but its tricky to find something that we’re not already using that can be easily pressed while doing other actions. Still working on this.
  • Increased friction on the player when stopping to be less slippy

Balance Changes

  • Tweaked combat balance a bit – We only made some small changes for now, but we’re planning on doing a bit of an overhaul soon
    • Melee weapons do a bit more damage, and have a wider spread between tiers
    • Enemies have a bit more health
  • Added additional health set bonuses to Bronze and Tin armor sets


  • Added ability to tweak various balance settings for creatures and melee weapons through a text file located in your game install directory (The directory should be something like Steam/SteamApps/Common/Signs Of Life/Content/CSV) Note: I don’t think the projectiles file works yet, so don’t be surprised if tweaking that doesn’t do anything.

Version 0.6

Hey folks, got another update ready for ya. This update had two objectives, we wanted to make the underground a bit more interesting and we wanted to do some work on general user friendliness features. We’ve still got a lot of work on our plate before we’ll feel like the underground is as interesting as we want it to be, but this should take us a significant step closer. We also added some sweet weapons and gadgets because they’re fun to make =D We’ve fixed all the bugs we’re aware of, but I’m sure there are some things we missed, so let us know when you run into issues. We still have more a bit more planned for the new Biome, but we didn’t want to keep you folks waiting any longer, so expect some new things to trickle in over the next couple weeks. We’re particularly interested in your opinions on balance of the new items/creatures/etc, so don’t be afraid to pop in and let us know what you think.

New Content

  • New Underground Biome
  • New Creatures
    • Dart Crawler
    • Crawler Pod
    • Chitinous Spike Wall
    • Chitinous Spike Boss
  • Added a Decoy Hologram throwable gadget that will distract creatures that aren’t too mad at you.
  • Added an Explosive Grenade.
  • Added a Trajectory Computer that displays predicted paths for throwable items and arrows.
  • Changed the sprites on the Vintage Mining Suit armor pieces, and renamed them to “Prototype Mining Suit” pieces.
  • Added a portable Iron Grill as a heat source.
  • Added Optical Camo activator gadget.
  • Added Armor Patch mods for armor pieces. You can add any one patch to any armor piece. The patches cannot be removed, but they can be replaced. If you have good ideas for more of these let us know!
    • Carbon Nanotube Mesh – Adds 2% damage resistance to a piece of armor.
    • Ceramic Plate – Adds 5% heat and energy resistance to a piece of armor.
    • Optical Camo – Adds optical camo to a piece of armor. Must be activated with the Optical Camo activator and all armor pieces must have optical camo applied to function.
  • Added 9mm Ricochet Ammo, it is not very helpful…
  • Added a Railgun. Its still way overpowered, but we’ll be tweaking it.
  • The Escape Pod now has a built in respawner.
  • Equipment Spoiler: [spoiler]Added an upgraded version of the mining suit, the Mining Suit Mk2. Equip all the pieces of the Prototype Mining Suit to discover the recipes for the pieces.[/spoiler]
  • Equipment Spoiler: [spoiler]Added a Chitinous Shield crafted with bits from the new underground boss.[/spoiler]

New Recipes

  • Decoy Hologram – 2x Steel Rivets, 3x Copper Wire, 1x Small Battery, 1x Refined Sapphire, 1x Standard Lens.
  • Trajectory Computer – 1x Microchip, 1x Plastic, 1x Copper Wire, 1x Standard Lens.
  • Explosive Grenade (3) – 1x Iron Ingot, 1x Black Powder.
  • 9mm Ricochet Ammo (12) – 1x Lead, 1x Black Powder, 1x Springtail Nectar.
  • Armor Patch Mods
    • Carbon Nanotube Mesh – 1x D6 Polymer, 1x Steel Rivet.
    • Ceramic Plate – 1x Clay, 1x Steel Rivet.
    • Optical Camo – 1x LED, 1x Steel Rivet.
  • Optical Camo Activator, 1x Microchip, 1x Plastic, 1x Small Battery, 1x Copper Wire.
  • Iron Grill – 6x Iron Ingots, Requires Tool: Hammer.
  • Railgun – 1x Steel Gun Parts, 18x Copper Wire, 1x Standard Lens, 1x Refined Ruby, 4x Medium Battery.
  • Iron Railgun Slugs (6) – 1x Iron Ingot.
  • Microchip – 1x Sand, 1x Copper Wire, 1x Rough Topaz.
  • [spoiler]Chitinous Shield – 1x Medusa Medulla, 6x Crawler Spines, 1x Chitinous Plate, 1x Plated Hide Strap.[/spoiler]
  • [spoiler]Mining Suit Mk2 – You get the recipes when you wear the entire Prototype Mining Suit at once.[/spoiler]
    • [spoiler]Mining Suit Mk2 Helmet – 1x Prototype Mining Suit Helmet, 1x Medium Battery, 1x Microchip, 2x Plastic, 2x D6 Polymer.[/spoiler]
    • [spoiler]Mining Suit Mk2 Torso – 1x Protoype Mining Suit Torso, 6x Steel Rivets, 4x Plastic, 4x D6 Polymer, 4x Copper Wire.[/spoiler]
    • [spoiler]Mining Suit Mk2 Legs – 1x Protoype Mining Suit Legs, 6x Steel Rivets, 4x Plastic, 2x D6 Polymer.[/spoiler]
    • [spoiler]Mining Suit Mk2 Arms – 1x Prototype Mining Suit Arms, 4x Steel Rivets, 4x Plastic, 2x D6 Polymer.[/spoiler]
    • [spoiler]Mining Suit Mk2 Boots – 1x Prototype Mining Suit Boots, 4x Steel Rivets, 4x Plastic, 2x D6 Polymer.[/spoiler]
    • [spoiler]Mining Suit Mk2 Gloves – 1x Prototype Mining Gloves, 4x Steel Rivets, 4x Plastic, 2x D6 Polymer.[/spoiler]
    • [spoiler]Mining Suit Mk2 Jumpjet – 1x Prototype Mining Suit Jumpjet, 1x Large Battery, 6x Steel Rivets, 4x Plastic, 4x D6 Polymer.[/spoiler]
  • [spoiler]Prototype Mining Suit Jumpjet – 1x Broken Prototype Mining Suit Jumpjet, 1x Jumpjet Core, Requires Tool: Screwdriver.[/spoiler]

Gameplay Changes

  • You can now switch to a manual item slot mode that lets you drag your items to your hotbar.
  • Added an Auto Pickup option to the settings menu. Automatically picks up items on the ground when you walk over them.
  • The player respawns in the escape pod by default.
  • You can stand in any respawners you find and right click it in order to set your respawn point to that respawner.
  • The player now has acceleration and deceleration when moving around.
  • Fall damage calculation changed and fall damage is now potentially much more deadly if you fall for long distances.
  • Changed Jumpjet behavior to be much more useful
  • Increased growing time of bush saplings.
  • Thrown items no longer stack with existing items in the world.
  • You can now cancel a throw or bow pull by pressing the reload key.
  • Changed controls for throwable items. Left clicking now drops items and you can hold the right mouse button to power up a throw. You can use the scroll wheel to adjust the power of the throw after holding down the right mouse button.
  • Tweaked thrown item physics a bit.
  • Removed Material Printer crafting requirement from: Steel Arrows, Steel Bolts, Jewel Arrows, Jewel Bolts, Explosive Arrows, Rockets and Launcher Grenades.
  • Reduced healing rate of the Regeneration Salve by half.
  • Smelting Furnace now smelts metal twice as fast as the basic smelter.
  • Jewel Arrows and Bolts now travel a bit faster.
  • Jewel Bows and Crossbows have a bit more power.
  • The pale spitting creature’s melee attacks now break weak blocks and its spit can corrode away weak blocks.
  • Tweaked creature AI to be a bit more consistent.
  • Mobs should no longer be able to hit players through the wall with melee attacks.
  • Marble Deposits now have a chance to drop anthracite when broken.
  • Tapping the hotbar slot for the active item now holsters it
  • Fall damage is no longer impacted by armor. We likely will add more fall damage reduction foot items rather than have the armor value itself reduce fall damage.
  • [spoiler]The old steel jumpjet has been replaced with the Prototype Mining Suit Jumpjet, which is crafted from a broken one you find in the Pioneer Station. along with the Jumpjet Core that you get from the robot chicken.[/spoiler]

Misc Changes

  • Prototype Mining Suit armor pieces are now distributed randomly in bases in the world.
  • Platforms now draw in front of trees and bushes.
  • Increased the max audio volume from 11 to 20.
  • Significantly decreased world generation time.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Renamed Puncher Plate to Chitinous Plate.

Bug Fixes

  • Synchronized quick slots in multiplayer games, there may still be issues with specific items so let us know if you have any problems.
  • Fixed some typos in item descriptions, let us know if you find more!
  • Fixed a crash related to laser pistols.
  • Fixed the tongue attack on the fat-butt purple creature so that it no longer goes through blocks on its way to the player.
  • Sparks from the firestarter should no longer travel through a campfire and light the grass under it on fire.
  • Fixed some cases where right clicking in the inventory would trigger the alternate fire on weapons.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in reduced performance if you discoved a lot of recipes in a single play session.
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause parts of creatures to disappear.
  • Fixed some issues with the flyer javelin.
  • Fixed several multiplayer bugs related to inventory items.

Update 0.5 – Multiplayer!

Got a new update for you folks. The big feature of this update is the long-requested co-op multiplayer, today is truly a red letter day. Multiplayer uses Steamworks and is drop-in, drop-out, so you should be able to join your friends games through the friends list or the new multiplayer menu from the main menu. Right now the multiplayer is exclusively peer to peer, but we’ll be looking into the option of dedicated servers before too long. We’ve done quite a bit of testing and things seem to be working pretty well, but multiplayer is a very complicated feature so definitely let us know if/when you run into issues.

We’ve decided to bump the version number to 0.5, because in a way we feel like the addition of multiplayer brings Signs of Life to about the halfway point. Almost all of our technical challenges are solved, and we’ll be able to focus on mostly content and bugfixes from now on.


  • Added drop-in, drop-out multiplayer. Enabled by default, so you should be able to drop right into your friends’ games.
  • Players join in the middle of the surface of the planet
  • Players show up as a blue dot on your minimap and also show up on the GPS device
  • Added a multiplayer join menu to the main menu which shows your friends that are currently playing, you can also join through the friends list
  • Added an in-game multiplayer menu that allows you to disable/enable multiplayer as well as turn on/off auto join (by default it asks for permission when a friend tries to join your game)
  • Added a player listing to the top right of the screen when the inventory menu is open and you have other players on your server
  • Added server-wide chat, opened by pressing T while in game.

New Content

  • Added a new underground creature
  • Added Rubbery leg and boot armor based on the above creature
  • Added Rock creature arm and glove equipment
  • Added a Burst Rifle
  • Added several new hairstyles
  • Hairstyles (including facial hair) are now gender agnostic
  • Updated sheep graphics, sheep are now shearable with scissors
  • Added/changed several sound effects
  • Added rubber wood materials and craftable blocks. Not much use for the rubber wood materials yet, but we’ll add more over time.
  • Added a flying javelin throwable weapon
  • Added a tomahawk throwable weapon

New Recipes

  • Burst Rifle – 1x Steel Gun Parts, 5x Plastic
  • Flying Javelin – 1x Laminous Wing, 1x Stick, 1x Bone
  • Tomahawk – 1x Bone, 1x Stick, 1x Plant Fiber
  • Rocky Arms – 1x Rock Lips, 1x Rock Core, 4x Wool Padding, 2x Leather Strap
  • Rocky Gloves – 2x Rock Lips, 2x Wool Padding, 2x Leather Strap
  • Rubbery Legs – 4x Rubbery Skin, 2x Organic Joint, 4x Wool Padding, 2x Leather Strap
  • Rubbery Boots – 2x Rubbery Skin, 2x Leather Strap

Recipe Changes

  • Smelting recipes are now displayed in the crafting menu
  • LED recipe material requirements reduced significantly
  • LED crafing recipe output changed to 3
  • Copper Wire recipe output changed to 3
  • Black Powder recipe output changed to 3
  • Rubber recipe output changed to 3
  • Plastic recipe output changed to 3
  • Unrefined glass smelting recipe output changed to 3
  • Launcher Parts now require the material printer
  • Crafted blocks recipe outputs changed to 5

Gameplay Changes

  • Screwdriver and scissors are now equippable, and you must right click things while they are equipped to use them
  • Made crossbows more accurate on the first shot, but less accurate with multiple bolts loaded
  • Arrows and bolts now have a chance to break when they strike creatures or surfaces
  • When arrows and bolts break, they have a chance to drop some of the materials used in their crafting
  • Cracked arrowheads can be smelted into ingots
  • Increased goat jump height
  • Holding RMB now loops the melee attack on the pulse rifle
  • Auto organize containers no longer get sorted inside of matching containers
  • Material grinder no longer allows you to drop items on it directly in the inventory
  • Fixed the clicking hitbox of the wooden door when opened
  • Fixed some issues with thrown items and made their trajectory a bit better
  • Tweaked the graphics of the rock creatures
  • Added new item drops to the rock creatures

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some issues with creature AI
  • Prevented creatures from attacking the player while they are respawning
  • Tweaked the main menu to work better on low resolutions
  • A bunch more we forgot about

Update 0.47

New Content

  • Added 3 new creatures
    • Sulfur gas creature – Found at medium or deeper depth
    • Plant creature – Found occasionally on the surface of the planet
    • Goat – Found on the surface of the planet
  • New tree system

    • 4 total tree types, each with their own fruit type (including 3 new fruits) that return a seed to your inventory when eaten.
    • 2 wood types, one contains sap and the other contains rubber
    • Trees now grow slowly, but grow while you are away (even when you are offline)
    • Fruit now grows slower, but also grows while you are away
    • Trees re-grow limbs as long as you don’t cut it down to a stump.
    • In order to remove a tree, you must destroy the stump with an axe.
    • You cannot break the blocks under a tree.
  • Tree tap item added, can be attached to a tree limb or trunk and generates sap or rubber over time. Holds up to 20 sap or rubber at a time.
  • Added a Material Grinder that grinds up basic materials like stone and granite in order to find trace metals.
  • Added a Backglider – Allows you to glide while falling and holding the jump button
  • Sulfur gas gun – Fires blasts of sulfur gas
  • Razor Leaf Sword
  • Added 4 new materials
    • Laminous Wing
    • Gas Bladder
    • Sulfurous Ash
    • Razor Leaf Blade
  • Added 3 new fruits
    • Jiggly Fruit
    • Delicious Fruit
    • Sweet Fruit
  • Added 3 new seeds
    • Jiggly Fruit Seed
    • Delicious Fruit Seed
    • Sweet Fruit Seed

New Recipes

  • Backglider – 2x Laminous Wing, 4x Bone
  • Sulfur Gas Gun – 1x Gas Bladder, 3x Plastic, 4x Iron Ingot
  • Razor Leaf Sword – 1x Razor Leaf Blade, 4x Plant Fibers
  • Tree Tap – 3x Iron Ingots
  • Sulfuruous Ash – 1x Sulfur, Requires a mortar and pestle tool as well as a heat source
  • Material Grinder – 8x Plastic, 12x Iron, 4x Unrefined Glass

UI Changes

  • Added a loot all button to containers that takes every item from a container and puts it in your inventory
  • Added buttons to the GPS Device. You can still use the mouse and scroll wheel to navigate, but now there are some buttons too.

    • A button for centering on the player
    • A button for zooming in and out as well as a zoom level display
    • A button for panning around the map
  • Replaced ore sprites on the GPS Device, more sprites coming for bones/coal/anthracite/amber
  • GPS Device mineral scan visibility duration doubled
  • Added a funky holo effect thing to the background of the GPS Device
  • Added the ability to label containers. Labelled containers will show the text over the container item while inside other containers.
  • Blocks with rounded corners should no longer leave gaps when placed next to each other. Let us know if you notice blocks that still leave annoying gaps

Gameplay Changes

  • Flint and Rocks are now throwable
  • Reduced blue flying creature spawn rate a bit

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the way the world is saved – This should fix several minor bugs such as items popping out of containers, items not saving proper positions in containers, as well as some dupe bugs related to containers. Let us know if you notice any issues with saving, such as items disappearing after quitting and loading the game
  • Fixed buggy player movement while walking on rotated/flipped sloped blocks
  • Possible fix for issue related to not gaining fullness upon eating
  • Fix for an issue related to crafting using items taken from a worktable in the world
  • Fixed a crash related to sound effects during the intro escape pod section. The crash should only happen on systems without a sound device, and there will likely be other crashes but this should fix the first one and we’ll go from there.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the kinetic inductor to not work when encumbered
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent you from splitting items in containers in the world
  • Fixed the AGIS button the HUD
  • The players fists are now “unequipped” when you die